BHS Stop Harassing

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Story a Day Campaign

What is the "Story a Day" campaign and why does it matter?

Sadly, the School Board, BUSD Administration, and the BHS Site Administration are continuing to treat issues of sexual harassment and sexual violence as a series of isolated events, rather than the cultural problem that they really are. We are asking these governing bodies for comprehensive student and staff training on these topics and a simplified complaint process, one that students know how to and feel comfortable using.

As students continue to feel unsafe coming forward when they are hurt, we decided to give them a voice by allowing them to send us their anonymous stories through cards collected in classrooms, Instagram, and this website. 

We'll be sharing these stories everyday with the School Board and our community, to illustrate the massive scale of the issues on our hands and with hope to inspire those in power to make prompt change

To follow the campaign and read the stories, you can check back here daily, follow our Instagram @bhsstopharassing, or "Like" our Facebook page.

Our Final Story

On August 6th, my life changed. It was the week before school started, and I had cheer practice that day.

That was the day I decided to follow a cute athlete on Instagram. He’s an upperclassman. He followed my instagram and commented on one of my pictures. He asked me how old I was. I told him I was a freshman, and he told me to hit him up on KIK for a private conversation, and then from there he asked to meet with him so we could chill. I thought chill meant that he just wanted to hang out and get to know me better, so I said ok.

Chill meant something really different to him.

That afternoon after practice, he asked me to meet in front of the school and I did and brought my friend. When he saw me with my friend he texted me and told me he didn’t want her there. We all started walking together through the BHS campus and later my friend told me he was giving her a look that made her feel like he didn’t want her there at all, and she left.

Then he walked to this secret spot down some steps by the C building that didn't have a way out. There was a door down there, but it was locked because school hadn’t started yet. I didn’t know you couldn’t get out when I went down there—I didn’t know the campus yet. It was dark and nobody was there.

I sat down on one of the steps and he said, “Why are you sitting down?”

I said, “I thought we were going to hang out and get to know each other.”

He said, “That’s not what I came for.”

I stood up from my step and looked straight at the door to see if anyone was there inside the building. He reached around me from behind and pulled me to his body. That’s when he reached for my breasts, and I moved his hand away. I said, “This is getting weird.”

And he stopped there and then tried to place his hands on my privates. I moved his hand away again, and said “um, nooo.”

And then he was like, “You're fine, you're fine.” I wanted to get away but didn’t know what to do. He’s like 6 feet tall and much stronger than I am. I was worried for my safety. He started sighing a lot like he was angry or upset. And then he let go of me and he sat on one of the steps and asked “Do you want to sit on my lap?” And I sat on his lap hoping that he would start talking and he would stop the groping because I already said no.

He grabbed me around my waist and started humping me. And then I stood up and, to get away, told him a lie and said, “cheer practice is starting.” And he was like no, you got time. Then I stood up and got my bag and then his friend called and he said, “I have to go. My ride is here.”

As we were walking, we saw my friend on the bench and he waved goodbye to her and to me. And me and my friend went to practice, and I told her what happened.

She told me not to tell anyone so rumors about me wouldn’t get out.

So I didn’t.

Then, in October, we had the SPARK assembly and I learned about sexual battery and realized it happened to me and thought I should tell someone about it. Both for me, like I couldn’t keep it inside anymore, and also for other girls that could be talking to him.

I told this teacher I really like about what happened, and then I got pulled out of my next period by a counselor. She asked me about what happened and took me to the vice principal's office, and I had to tell the story all over again. They asked me if I wanted to report him, but I refused. I refused because I was scared he would be mad at me or harm me further and that people would think of me differently.

And the next day I got pulled out of class again, and they asked me if I wanted to report him and make a statement. One of the vice principals told me to report him, so he couldn’t do it to other girls. I didn’t tell them his name. I told them he was a football player and an upperclassman. My teacher guessed who he was, and I burst into tears, so then they knew who he was.

Then she helped me write a statement. Well, she wrote the words and I talked because I was super shaky and it was very upsetting to have to remember what happened to me. And then they sent me back to class. I was distracted and couldn’t focus for the rest of the day.

Nothing happened after that for about a month. Nobody contacted me or told me what to expect. Then, Dr. Craig called my mom and told me that I was going to have a hearing in two days, right before winter break. She told me at that time he had been suspended all that month, but no one told me that until then.

She told me that I could have my family there, but my mom was super upset about what happened, and I knew it would hurt her to hear it, and it would be hard for her to understand what was going on, so I didn’t have her come. I didn’t tell my dad about it because I thought he would go ballistic. I asked if my cousin could come who would be supportive, but she wasn’t allowed because she is a student at BHS. I didn’t have enough time before the hearing to make other arrangements for support, so I went to the hearing alone.

So it was just me and the teacher in one hearing room.

He had his lawyer, his mom, his dad, his grandma, Dr. Craig, the district's lawyer Dora Dome, and his math teacher in his room for the expulsion hearing.

I was told I had to be at the hearing and that it wasn’t an option for me not to go. If I had understood how I would be treated in this process – as a witness and not as someone who had been harmed -- I would not have participated.

The hearing was two days before winter break. It was on a Thursday, and it went on from 8:30-11:30. His lawyer asked me to tell my story, and I remembered some stuff that wasn’t included in my written statement. She kept saying, “Well you didn’t say that on your statement,” and I felt she was calling me a liar. That made me so upset that she could think I would lie about something like this.

The hearing was over, and I went back to my teacher’s class and stayed there the last three periods because I was upset and wasn’t ready to go to class. Then last period, the VP came in and said that she had the results from the hearing. She said that he would be returning to school tomorrow. I asked why, and she said the school didn’t have enough evidence to expel him. Dr Craig called my mom and asked for permission for me to get counseling. But nothing happened with that; no one contacted me.

They told me that I could cheer for his team and that he wouldn’t be allowed to play, but then that first game, he was there. No one told me or warned me; I was really upset, my heart dropped and I thought, “I have to cheer for him?!”

I felt like he didn’t deserve to be there playing. If I didn’t like cheering so much, I would have quit right then.

Last October, before I made my report, I found out that he had hit up one of my friends asking her to chill. If you look at his instagram account, he has hit up lots of girls to give him a Kik. I know that he is doing the same thing to them that he did to me. And I know that most girls won’t report it. And I know that if nothing is done, he will continue to do this and hurt others the way he hurt me.

I’m telling you about my experience to let the school board know what their policies and processes are doing to girls like me who have been hurt.

I would never tell anyone to come forward for help from the school because, even though the staff at BHS cares, the school district practices are a big problem.

At the expulsion hearing, everyone had legal representation except me and I could have used some help when the district’s lawyer attacked me to discredit my statement. You should always provide an advocate to a survivor who participates in your discipline process. Also, BUSD needs to do a lot more to stop and correct the behavior of perpetrators, even if they decide not to expel them.

Finally, you need to do more to support survivors of sexual violence. An advocate or a counselor trained in wellness and familiar with district and county resources should be assigned to coordinate the resources needed to help survivors and to follow up to ensure we get the assistance to help us feel safe at school and able to focus on our studies without fear of retaliation or exposure to our attackers.

Thank you for reading.

Story #100, 5/6/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"My friend always jokes about my ancestors being in nazi concentration camps and I laugh at the time but it really hurts"

Story #99, 5/5/16 - Sexual Harassment

“My friend was sexually harassed at a party and has made him feel really bad about himself but he won’t come out about it because he thinks no one will care because the other person is a girl.”

Story #98, 5/4/16 - Sexual Harassment

“While my teammates and I are running out of the school for track practice, boys hanging out right outside the gate will yell things at us about our bodies while we are running.”

Story #97, 5/3/16 - Bullying

"i walked by a couple boys who made barfing noises when i walked past them"

Story #96, 5/2/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"A group of kids in my class told another kid that they thought "he would be a good Nazi". He's at least partially german, maybe fully. He got really offended but afterward they kinda just joked about it."

Story #95, 5/1/16 - Racial Discrimination

"I wasn’t allowed to enter an athletic event for free like all other players were. I had to pay because the people working at the door didn’t believe I was an athlete based on my race and looks."

Story #94, 4/30/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"My friend’s boyfriend is controlling and doesn’t care about her safety and only about himself"

Story #93, 4/29/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"I have a slight physical disability, and I have literally had people scream and run away from me because they notice it, before they've even talked to me."

Story #92, 4/28/16 - Sexual Harassment

"I was walking at lunch and this group of boys were talking about my body and one of them yelled "I don't give a fuck!! Damn ma!!!" And they laughed when I looked at them"

Story #91, 4/27/16 - Racial Discrimination

"One of my closest friends constantly makes extremely racist remarks, and jokes about incidents like the killing of Treyvon Martin, slavery, and the oppression of Black people. My friends and I always tell him to stop but he doesn't realize what he says hurts."

Story #90, 4/26/16 - Sexual Harassment

“I was on the bus to school and a male student grabbed my butt.”

Story #89, 4/25/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A guy catcalled me every morning in front of C (building) for about a month."

Story #88, 4/24/16 - Bullying

"There are people who say whatever they want in classes, and some of the things said are very annoying, very hurtful, and bring people down."

Story #87, 4/23/16 - Sexual Harassment

"Within the first week of the school, I had already been cat called in the hall at least 10 times while security guards stood by. Fall 2015."

Story #86, 4/22/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"My math teacher made a mistake on the board and then he made a joke about being the r word. Even when the whole class was upset he kept the offensive joke going. When students came together in groups and were talking about why what he’s said was wrong, he called them uptight. The worst part is that it’s not the first time he’s said something offensive."

Story #85, 4/21/16 - Racial Discrimination

"freshman year, my English teacher, in a "debate" about Micheal (sic) Brown's death, told the whole class that he deserved to get shot and that we were ignoring the facts. Several Black students walked out of the classroom. - girl, sophomore"

Story #84, 4/20/16 - Bullying

"Almost every day, there are a group of senior boys in my 4th period class who often use homophobic or racial slurs because they think it’s funny and appropriate."

Story #83, 4/19/16 - Sexual Harassment

"After prom I was kissing my girlfriend (I'm a girl) and a guy who goes to our school but I don't know said ‘This is so hot. You're giving me such a huge boner right now.’”

Story #82, 4/18/16 - Bullying

"People push smaller kids around at lunch or tease people for showing emotion, like when boys try to be sensitive."

Story #81, 4/17/16 - Sexual Violence

“One of my best friends was choked and raped by a senior boy who came into her house uninvited.”

Story #80, 4/16/16 - Racial Discrimination

"I was the only Latino kid on the sport I played at BHS. Every time someone made a mistake the coach would say do it better next time. One day I messed up he told me “tell me what language you speak so you can understand better.” On another day the coach yelled at me for making a mistake and wouldn’t let me explain my self (sic) and told me to shut up and leave practice. And the next day when my mom approached him about it he lied and told her he didn’t do any of that.”

Story #79, 4/15/16 - Sexual Harassment

“One of my teachers told girls in our class that they need to ‘dress like they have some self-respect.’”

Story #78, 4/14/16 - Bullying

"I know a kid who has had surgery on his throat, and I have heard kids making fun of him and mimicking his voice, calling him creepy because of it."

Story #77, 4/13/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"My friend told a boy she wasn’t into him but he asked/pressured her into being with him while she was under the influence. He would not stop texting her after as well."

Story #76, 4/12/16 - Sexual Harassment

"Today I was standing outside of the YMCA minding my own business and a group of guys walked by me. One of them looked at me up and down, licked his lips, and turned to his friends to say "ooo she hot"."

Story #75, 4/11/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"My friend has been with her boyfriend since 6th grade. He's cheated on her twice and is really mean to her but she still feels like she can't break up with him." (female, 12th grade)

Story #74, 4/10/16 - Sexual Harassment

"I once saw this girl wearing workout clothes by the Jacket Gym and some guy started shouting at her about eating her ass."

Story #73, 4/9/16 - Racial Discrimination

"Some people this year in my class call me “Ling Ling” to be funny. It’s not."

Story #72, 4/8/16 - Sexual Harassment

"Every day I come to school and get catcalled by someone new. It makes me so angry, because they never stop. No matter what I’m wearing, be it sweatpants or a short dress, boys will comment about how I look. I have endured this for 4 years now, and that is far too long. I have been groped in the halls and at lunch, and nothing has ever been done about it."

Story #71, 4/7/16 - Racial Discrimination

“In My class there is this boy and we had a sub and he was white and this boy can be a little hard to deal with sometimes and he was yelling at the sub that he was the kkk and that he was going to try and kill all the black people and he needs to know that it is unacceptable but he barely got in trouble at all”

Story #70, 4/6/16 - Bullying

"Last year someone in my class got jumped by another student’s sister."

Story #69, 4/5/16 - Sexual Harassment

“There’s this group of guys at school that go around rating girls and one of them punched my friend in the stomach when she tried getting him out of a party.”

Story #68, 4/4/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"A girl in one of my classes started talking respectfully about how she doesn’t believe in any god(s). A Christian boy immediately started yelling at her and saying that she wasn’t allowed to say that. By the time the teacher got him back under control, the girl was near tears. She didn’t share for the rest of the class period and didn’t participate much the next day either."

Story #67, 4/3/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

“My friends (sic) boyfriend doesn’t always listen to her when she says no, and hes to (sic) strong for her to do anything about it.” female: 15

Story #66, 4/2/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A guy at BHS got drunk and pressured my friend to go to his room with him even though she said multiple times that she didn’t want to."

Story #65, 4/1/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"In the football locker room, even though nobody is actually homophobic, I hear the phrase “you’re hella gay” or “that’s hella gay” every single day."
male, 15

Story #64, 3/31/16 - Bullying

"There is one guy in my 2nd period whose Snapchat stories are all of him harassing and bully (sic) students. He acts like it’s no big deal. I’ve called him out but he doesn’t care."

Story #63, 3/30/16 - Racial Discrimination

"September of last year a boy in my class said, “tiki tiki tong tong” and bowed after our japanese sub walked past his table."

Story #62, 3/29/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"Last spring, my friend’s boyfriend tried to pressure her into smoking weed, to the point where he showed up to her house unannounced."

Story #61, 3/28/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A friend of mine was constantly verbally and even physically harassed for years and I’m not sure if that has stopped."

Story #60, 3/27/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A boy sent me an unsolicited and unwanted video of him masturbating and ejaculating.”

Story #59, 3/26/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

“I hate when people call my hijab ‘that thing on my head’ or when I try to explain some aspect of Islam to them and they disrespect it. I understand you don’t understand but I’ll appreciate if you don’t disrespect my religion. I took the time out of my day to explain something to you something you could’ve googled or read in a book but instead you chose to degrade me for practicing a religion. Btw I don’t speak mazlam.”

Story #58, 3/25/16 - Racial Discrimination

“Literally without fail every time i mention my family is from Colombia somebody asks if they sling cocaine”

Story #57, 3/24/16 - Sexual Harassment

"Boys have been “rating” girls, 1-10, behind their backs, and sometimes it gets to the ears of the girls (or the other way around) and its (sic) the worst type of self-esteem breaking. I’ve reported this before, but I know its (sic) still an issue all over the school."

Story #56, 3/23/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"this girl in my class last year told me that her head really hurt because yesterday her boyfriend had gotten mad at her and pushed her"

Story #55, 3/22/16 - Racial Discrimination

"This guy in my class last year did a “Black voice” when we talked about slavery in history."

Story #54, 3/21/16 - Sexual Harassment

“‘The funny thing is that you younger class-men don’t know is that if a girl says no to hooking up you can still take her to a room and it’ll happen’ a junior boy said to a sophomore.”

Story #53, 3/20/16 - Racial Discrimination

"A concelor (sic) told one of my friends that many people if (sic) her race failed in a class that she wanted to take and so she shouldn’t take it."

Story #52, 3/19/16 - Bullying

"There is a boy in my English class who is smaller than the rest of his friends. They constantly pick on him and take his things. They grab his phone and wallet and leave it above their heads so he can’t reach it, making him look small and pathetic. They would hide his lunch when he left the classroom, and never return it him. I have seen this happen for three years now, involving the exact same people."

Story #51, 3/18/16 - Sexual Violence

"My friend was raped on campus by one of her peers (11th)"

Story #50, 3/17/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"My friends ex gf (girlfriend) said she would kill herself if he broke up with her."

Story #49, 3/16/16 - Racial Discrimination

"The other day, I saw a group of 3 white students doing racist impressions of black people, when they saw me, a black girl, staring at them, they just laughed harder."

Story #48, 3/15/16 - Sexual Harassment

“Let me take a picture of you so I can show my friends what they should buy me for Christmas” Male Senior

Story #47, 3/14/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"last year I saw some kids on the M building steps laughing and making noises at a student with autism."
15 male

Story #46, 3/13/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"September 2014: There was a boy who took advantage of me at a party last year. I wasn’t in a good place to be making good choices and he exploited it. He had sex with me and I didn’t know what had happened until the next day."

Story #45, 3/12/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"Someone asked me if my family worked with drugs after I told them I’m Latina."

Story #44, 3/11/16 - Sexual Harassment

"Spring of 2015, I was walking through the hall during passing period. A boy who I had never seen before hugged me, wrapping his arms forcefully around me. He was strong, and I couldn’t shove him off. When he finally let go, his friends started laughing. I was really shaken and couldn’t concentrate in my classes for the rest of the day."

Story #43, 3/10/16 - Racial Discrimination

"There was a girl in my friends class who talked about how black people are stupid and lazy in front of her african american classmates” (Freshman)

Story #42, 3/9/16 - Bullying

"This group of guys kept calling me fat until I left the classroom crying."

Story #41, 3/8/16 - Sexual Harassment

"There was a boy in English class last year who would Tweet explicit tweets about me. He would call me a slut and a whole. Spring 2015."

Story #40, 3/7/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"My friend was forced into sex with her boyfriend that she did not want to have - 11th [grade]"

Story #39, 3/6/16 - Sexual Harassment

"My friend hooked up with a guy at a party and his friends filmed it and put it on snapchat with really disturbing captions."

Story #38, 3/5/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"'Don’t touch me you hella gay.' I hear that almost everyday -boy 15"

Story #37, 3/4/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"It kinda sucks because I’m a closeted trans guy and I’m too scared to go to the guy’s bathroom without my friends."

Story #36, 3/3/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A guy in our class has casually remarked to my friend (more than once) that he would follow her into an alley and rape her. He "jokes" like this on a regular basis but with no consequence."

Story #35, 3/2/16 - Bullying

"There is a person who follows me around sometimes, and gets all of her friends to laugh at me even when I haven’t done anything and it scares me -female"

Story #34, 3/1/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A video of my friend was posted on Instagram of her having sex with someone at a party"

Story #33, 2/29/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"My close friend is a girl in 9th grade. A month ago her boyfriend hit her when she tried to break up with him. They’re still together."

Story #32, 2/28/16 - Racial Discrimination

“My friends girlfriend calls me a stupid Mexican” (Male, age 15)

Story #31, 2/27/16 - Sexual Harassment

"Theres (sic) a boy that continually comes up behind me and grabs my boobs even though I always tell him to stop and that I don’t like that. (he’s in 11th, I’m in 10th)"

Story #30, 2/26/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"I’ve read, on the stalls in the bathrooms, transphobic remarks, talking about how Trans people shouldn’t use that bathroom. It is a real issue that ostracises (sic) Trans people"

Story #29, 2/25/16 - Racial Discrimination

"My councilor (sic) assumed my family was worse off because of race (African American)."

Story #28, 2/24/16 - Sexual Violence

"I (sic) girl I know was raped by a senior boy at a party."

Story #27, 2/23/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"I had a boyfriend a while ago that sexually assaulted me and got away with it."

Story #26, 2/22/16 - Bullying

"There are guys who laugh at one boy in my class whenever he speaks. No matter what they start laughing at him. It’s really cruel. (female, 15)"

Story #25, 2/21/16 - Sexual Harassment

In my friends (sic) Spanish class some girl grabbed his ass and whispered in his ear. He was really uncomfortable but when he tried to tell someone they just laughed.

Story #24, 2/20/16 - Racial Discrimination

"My friend was called a terrorist because he is Iranian."

Story #23, 2/19/16 - Sexual Harassment

"On my way to and from the bus I used to walk through the park across the street. I often got cat-called, told to smile, and aggressively stared at. This was done by BHS students spending time there. I don’t feel safe because of things my peers say, and I no longer walk through the park."

Story #22, 2/18/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"A math teacher called people with mental illnesses slow idiots and then picked on two kids of color."

Story #21, 2/17/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"My boyfriend of almost a year has been emotionally abusive for a long time now, and on Valentine's Day he threatened me with physical violence. (Junior)"

Story #20, 2/16/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"My good friend and her girlfriend were beat up by their peers on campus. 11th"

Story #19, 2/15/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"I have a friend whos (sic) boyfriend forces her to have sex with him when shes (sic) crying - male junior"

Story #18, 2/14/16 - Sexual Harassment/Violence


15 (14 at the time)

I was walking into the A building for dance and a boy who had been following me around popped out of nowhere grabbed my arms and pushed me against a wall and got into my face"

Story #17, 2/13/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"I had a partner who would be so nice to me when I was with him but then do some pretty horrible things to me when we were apart. He got with other girls and when I got mad at him he screamed at me and blamed it on me and told me I was worthless and punched walls. After he screamed he ran to me and comforted me. It was abusive."

Story #16, 2/12/16 - Bullying

"In middle school I saw a kid get his head slammed on a bumper of a car. female 12th"

Story #15, 2/11/16 - Sexual Violence

"A female Berkeley High student in the 11th grade got sexually assaulted in the hallway after school. She was alone with a guy she thought she might be romantically interested [in] when he violently grabbed her and touched her in places she did not feel comfortable with. Female 16"

Story #14, 2/10/16 - Racial Discrimination

"I’ve seen (sic) a teacher tell a black student 'Maybe you need someone of your tribe to explain this to you'"

Story #13, 2/9/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A few months ago, I was followed around by 4 or 5 senior boys who made comments on my body and asked to take pictures of me over and over again. even when I asked them to stop. - female (14)"

Story #12, 2/8/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"One of my friends used to get hit by her boyfriend and I couldn’t get her to break up with him so I confided in my favorite teacher and ask what I should do. The teacher just told me to hope she gets stronger."

Story #11, 2/7/16 - Sexual Violence

"My friend who is 15 was raped at a party. She is a sophmore (sic)."

Story #10, 2/6/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"I don’t always use the bathroom that matches up with my assigned sex because I do not Identify on the binary and sometimes If I’m in a Bathroom I get verbally harrassed (sic). It usually occurs in the boy’s bathroom."

Story #9, 2/5/16 - Sexual Harassment

"I have been solicited for naked pictures online by someone who knew I was thirteen years old."

Story #8, 2/4/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"Two friends of mine are dating and the guy gets mad at the girl whenever she does something he doesn’t like. So he hits her. For example, last Friday she got high and he hit her upside her head and told her not to talk to him for the rest of the night. (10th)"

Story #7, 2/3/16 - Sexual Harassment

"A teacher of mine always stared at my chest and called me nicknames. I felt so uncomfortable around him I never went in to get help even though the class was hard."

Story #6, 2/2/16 - Bullying

"My friend has been beat up multiple times for being to (sic) short for a guy
Male: 15"

Story #5, 2/1/16 - Other Forms of Discrimination

"Countless guys have come up to me while in class and asked invasive and sexual questions/comments about my sexual orientation, ranging from 'how do lesbians have sex?' [to] 'You know that’s a sin!'"

Story #4 - 1/31/16 - Collected from a School Administered Survey

"I know more girls who have been raped than I have fingers to count them all. I know that every single girl I know experiences harassment. Of my friends who have been raped by other BHS students, none have reported their abusers (sic) name and they have to see that person on a daily basis. This needs to change. We need to be able to support victims directly. My friends should not have to see these people, my friends should feel assured they are not to blame, these attackers absolutely must be addressed before another rape comes from the fear they instill. It is wrong that they walk around fully free and comfortable when they cause so much fear and pain."

Story #3 - 1/30/16 - Racial Discrimination

"I’ve seen, though tags on a wall, someone write #BlackLivesMatter but then someone else cross (sic) it out and write no one cares about those n*ggers (sic) on campus."

Story #2 - 1/29/16 - Sexual Harassment

“A guy in my class often texts me things saying he loves me, calling me baby, or says he won’t do something unless I tell him I love him or says these during class. Every time I ask him to stop he doesn’t and just keeps doing it. It makes me really uncomfortable being around him and being in class now”

Story #1 - 1/28/16 - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence

"I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, and because of the lack of education on healthy relationships, I stayed in it. It got bad, and I now have to see a therapist to fix the emotional damage I got from that relationship. - female (14)"

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